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5 Best Pulaski Axe Reviews 2023 – Complete Buying Guide

Not many things in the world can make you feel badly need like the best Pulaski axe as a household hand tool. You can easily perform the firefighting task, digging soil, making a wooden fence or garage by the best pulaski axe. Generally, the word axe is related to the cutting wooden object. But the Pulaski axe use in versatile areas.

When you need the broad use of an axe you need the best pulaski axe. If you need the best Pulaski axe for your household, gardening, and firefighting task then you are in the right palace here. Here we offer you the best Pulaski axe among the available in the market. To get the complete idea for buying the best axe you need to read this post thoroughly.

There are so many brands and models of Pulaski axe available in the market. Among them choosing the best one is a difficult job but don’t worry our research team makes a difficult job easy for you. They review the available best axe in the Amazon and make the genuine pick for you and you can easily select which you need.

Top 5 Best Pulaski Axe Review 2023

Research-wise, we have done everything required to ensure that this article incorporates all the key components you require to know before buying the best Pulaski axe. We have invested tens or more of hours, along with numerous product to come up with the products listed here.

Therefore, we are assured that with our identification table, detailed reviews of the chosen products, buying guide, safety tips, and question-answering FAQ section.

Name and Features Image Rating Price
1. Seymour AX-P3 3 This Axe Combined with Hickory Handle Best Pick
2. Barebones Living - Pulaski Axe This Axe with High Carbon Steel Split Blade Best High Carbon Steel Split Blade
3. Council Tool This is a Straight Wooden Handle Best Straight Wooden Handle
4. Council Tool This Axe Combined with Curved Adze Blade Best Straight Handle axe with Protective Sneath
5. Collins HP This is a Pulaski Axe Best Collins HP

1. Seymour AX-P3 – Best Splitting Axe

  • Best Splitting AxeBrand: Seymour
  • Size:36-Inch
  • Weight:3-1/2-Pound
  • Material: High quality
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Price:$+

OVERALL RATING: 9.7 out of 10

Seymour is one of the famous axe manufacturers in the USA. It manufactured various kind of axe. Seymour AX-P3 3-1/2-Pound Pulaski Axe is one of them. It is the best axe according to our research. This Pulaski is different from the other axe for its flexible extension where the entire outer surface does not rotate that means it is more comfortable to you.

What We Like:

  • Flexible extension
  • Outperforms
  • Made of high-quality material
  • 36-Inch Hickory handle
  • 3-1/2-Pound
  • Smooth finishing

What We Don't Like:

  • Single bit
  • Price little bit high
  • Warranty is limited

This is a single bit axe which has a 36-inch hickory handle. The handle made of wood and this long handle give you maximum force to cut any wooden object. The head of this Pulaski axe is made from a high-quality material that is rustproof that means the sharpness of your axe is long-lasting and you can get the maximum utility.

The design of this axe is outstanding and more effective. It shows the outstanding performance in the competition based on independent test results. The weight of this Pulaski axe is 3-1/2-Pound so you can easily put it up and cut your wooden object easily.

All the features of this axe made him the best among the available axe in the market. You can also use this axe as your Pulaski fire tool. This Pulaski's head is more durable and long-lasting than others.

You can find a Pulaski tool for sale in Seymour. If you buy this awesome pulaski axe Seymour offers you a limited lifetime warranty that makes your mental satisfaction high.

FAQ about this Best Axe For Camping (Seymour AX-P3 3-1/2-Pound Pulaski Axe with 36-Inch Hickory Handle)

where its made?
what type of steel is this made of?
hardened steel
Would this axe work for light firewood splitting?
Yes, it absolutely would

2. Barebones Living - Pulaski Axe – Best Throwing Axe

  • Best Throwing AxeBrand: Barebones Living
  • Size:21 in
  • Weight:5.95 pounds
  • Material: carbon steelhead
  • Warranty: Limited
  • Price:$$+

OVERALL RATING: 8.0 out of 10

When you need to cut a lot of wooden objects you need a long-lasting and durable pulaski axe. Barebones Living provides such this Pulaski axe. By this axe, you can perform your work for a long time without any pain at your wrist.

It is very important for you is the sharpness of this Pulaski's head. To ensure the sharpness it is made from 1055 carbon steel. This Pulaski axe has two parts one is cutting head and the other part is a wooden handle.

What We Like:

  • 1055 High Carbon Steel Split Blade
  • 3 lb. hand
  • 1055 carbon steelhead
  • Steel pommel at the base of the handle
  • Rounded blade
  • Removable hex nut

What We Don't Like:

  • High Price
  • Limited warranty

If you buy this amazing pulaski axe from Amazon you can get 1 Pulaski Axe, 1 Leather Sheath, 1 Hex Key. After finish, your work you can cover the sharpen part by this leather sheath that is safe for your children and pets. This leather cover also protects your axe from rust and dirty that ensure the long-lasting of the sharpness of your axe.

This manufacturer also provides you with an amazing axe kit that is known as Hex Key. By this amazing Pulaski tool, you can easily tight or lose your axe according to need. For the maximum cutting power, this Pulaski axe has 3 lb. hand-sharpened 1055 carbon steelhead. This anti-rust, durable, and long-lasting 1055 carbon steel head adjusts with a durable 21-inch beechwood handle.

Hence the cutting head and the wooden handle both are durable so, it can give you the maximum utility. The additional feature of this ax is it has a steel pommel at the base of the handle for hammering that increases your force in your cutting task.

For chopping and splitting this awesome pulaski axe has a rounded blade. For your easy and comfortable use, it has a removable hex nut. By this removable hex nut, you can easily re-handling the 1055 high carbon steel split blade.

That ensures its edge time after time for the long-lasting and effective use. To secures the head with the wooden handle it has a 1/3” solid steel core through a tightening hex bolt.

FAQ about this Best Axe For Splitting Wood (Barebones Living - Pulaski Axe | 1055 High Carbon Steel Split Blade)

How is vibration when splitting wood?
Almost no vibration. The full tang design absorbs almost all vibration.
Can it be shortened whatsoever?
Not sure
Where is this Pulaski axe made in?

3. Council Tool 3.75 Inch Pulaski Axe – Best Made Axe

  • Best Made AxeBrand: Council Tool
  • Size: 36 Hickory Handle
  • Weight: 3-3/4 lb
  • Material: Steel
  • Warranty: Limited
  • Price: $

OVERALL RATING: 9.4 out of 10

Among the available axe brand in the market, "Council" is one of the best of them. It has been manufacturing hand tools since 1886. So, they provide a quality product with amazing design. All the axe that is produced by the Council has a head which is made from high-quality tool steel.

With this amazing durable head, it has a nice 36 Hickory Handle. This handle made of wood but it gives you maximum durability with comfortable use. For the maximum cutting power is has a 4-1/2 inch cutting edge.

What We Like:

  • 3.75 Inch Pulaski Axe
  • 36 Hickory Handle
  • Cutting Edge 4-1/2 In
  • Body coated with red enamel
  • The axe head is hydraulically seated
  • cutting edges in clear lacquer to deter rust

What We Don't Like:

  • No clear warranty
  • Doesn't have any kind of sheath

This amazing pulaski axe not also durable but also have a stylish design. It has a cutting blade on an end and a mattock blade for digging or grubbing on the other end which is generally absent in a traditional style bit axe. You can use this Pulaski axe for many purposes with a variety of settings including forestry and general landscaping.

This axe is hand sharpened with a single bit edge and mattock blade. Hence it is made in the USA so, you don't need to worry about the quality of this product. To ensure the durability and long-lasting quality the head of the axe made from forged steel.

According to ANSI standards, it has a maximum cutting edge 4-1/2 inch for bit hardness of Rc 45-60. The body of this council pulaski axe is coated with black enamel and the cutting edges in clear lacquer to deter rust and protect the sharpness for a long-time.

The eye section of this axe is dried to below ten per cent moisture content to minimize shrinkage that helps to prevent the loosening of your axe. The head of this Pulaski axe is hydraulically seated adjacent to handle and tightened with a serrated aluminium wedge.

The serrated shape of this axe improves bite where the aluminium choice of material is strong, lightweight. All products manufactured by the Council tool company are backed by more than 120 years of quality.

FAQ about this Best Forest Axe (Council Tool 3.75 Inch Pulauski Axe)

Are both the head and handle made in the USA?
What is the weight of the head?
Does this Pulaski come with any kind of sheath?
No sheath

4. Council Tool  – Best Bushcraft Axe

  • Best Bushcraft AxeBrand: Council Tool
  • Size:36 Hickory Handle
  • Weight:3-3/4 lb
  • Material: Steel
  • Warranty: Limited
  • Price:$$+

OVERALL RATING: 9.9 out of 10

This is another model of the Council tool company. This tool company provides quality products since 1886, and they set the standard for quality and design to their customer. For the extra durability and long-lasting sharpness, all the council axe heads are made from high-quality tool steel.

You can that the logo of Edward Pulaski which means it is a legendary forest service ranger Idaho. Generally, the traditional style bit axe has one part sharpness blade but it has one end and a mattock blade for digging or grubbing on the other end.

What We Like:

  • Secured with a serrated aluminium wedge.
  • The axe head is hydraulically seated
  • Oil Quenched
  • 36 Hickory Handle
  • Cutting Edges in Clear Lacquer

What We Don't Like:

  • High price
  • No Protective Sneath

For the versatile use the council tool company used in a variety of settings including forestry and general landscaping. The additional feature of this amazing pulaski axe are hand sharpened, single bit edge and mattock blade, forged steelhead, and it is made in the USA. According to the ANSI standards council tool, internal standards call for tempered bit hardness of Rc 53-58. For the anti-rusting feature, the axe body coated with red enamel.

To deter rust the cutting edges in clear lacquer. For the maximum effectiveness, this axe has a double-bit American hickory handle which is 36 inches long. To minimize shrinkage and help to prevent the loosening the eye section of this axe is dried to below 10% moisture content.

With a serrated aluminium wedge the axe head is hydraulically seated through the handle and secured. The serrated shape of this amazing pulaski axe improves bite and the aluminium choice of material is strong, lightweight which is more effective and comfortable to you.

This axe has interior detail of the eye section which is tapered and allows for a strong mechanical bond that makes them more durable. Council Tool Company is so much aware of the satisfaction of their customer.

After all, it designs the tools and manufactures according to their customer's needs and choices. All products produced by the Council tool company are backed by more than 120 years of quality, reliability, and tool-making expertise in the United States.

FAQ about this Best Felling Axe (Council Tool 3.75 Inch Pulauski Axe, 36 Straight Handle with Protective Sneath)

Is this the fss version of council tool pulaski axe?
Yes, it is a pulaski.
Is it made by USA??

5. Collins HP – Best Camping Axe

  • Best Camping AxeBrand: Collins
  • Size: 34"
  • Weight:3-1/2 lb
  • Material: Forged Steel
  • Warranty: Limited
  • Price:$+

OVERALL RATING: 9 out of 10

Generally, a pulaski axe has a wooden handle if you do not like the wooden handle then you can buy the "Collins Landscaping Pulaski Axe". Because it doesn't have a wooden handle rather it has an amazing stylish fibreglass handle.

This fibreglass handle is more comfortable and durable than a wooden handle. This stylish durable pulaski axe has some additional features like 3-1/2 lbs weighted head with 34" double injected fibreglass handle.

What We Like:

  • Landscaping
  • 34" double injected fibreglass handle
  • Replacement handle
  • Stylish design

What We Don't Like:

  • Manufactured in China
  • No clear warranty

This Collins Landscaping Pulaski Axe also knew as landscaping Pulaski axe. If you buy this axe you can use it in another purpose also as you can also use it as a Fireman's axe. It has a replacement handle so you can easily change the handle when you need it. The weight of the axe head is 3-1/2 lbs so you can easily put it up and increase your force during your work.

The head of the axe is a double injected blade that ensures the sharpness lasting long-time. The material of this axe head forged steel and the handle length is 34-inch. This long handle made from fibreglass and the colour of this handle is yellow or black.

The price of this axe is not so high so it can be your best budget pick. So, buying this axe you can get the higher utility at your lower budget. This awesome pulaski axe is manufactured in China. It is an essential tool for building trails as this axe can be used for loosening dirt or for the irritable job of eliminating small stumps and roots.

FAQ about this Best Survival Axe (Collins HP-3 1/2FD-C Pulaski Axe, 3-1/2 lb Yellow)

Does it have wooden handle?
No, it has fiberglass handle
Does it made in USA?
No, it made in china

Buying Guide

The Axe is a necessary hand tool many people may not consider an axe a modern tool. But they still use it for a long time same situation in term of a pulaski axe. If you want to build a house, garage or garden you must need a pulaski axe.

First of all, you need a proper buying guide to buy the best Pulaski axe then you need to know how to make the proper use of it. That why we offer you a proper guideline for choosing the best Pulaski axe when you shopping.

How to choose the best Pulaski axe for you?

Though choosing the best Pulaski axe is so difficult job but don't worry if you read this buying guide properly and follow these steps correctly it will be easy for you. There are so many brands and models of Pulaski axe is available in the market among them you need to choose the best for you. For choosing the best one you need to consider some important things. First of all, you need to know what is a pulaski axe.

What is the Pulaski Axe?

The word Pulaski is specially used in terms of hand tool which is used in wildland firefighting. According to this definition, the Pulaski axe is the axe which is used in wildland firefighting. Generally, an axe had a one-side sharp edge but an axe has both side sharpness. Pulaski axe is more popular than a general axe because a traditional axe can perform only as a cutting hand tool where the axe performs both as a cutting tool and a wildland firefighting hand tool. Pulaski axe is one kind of pulaski hand tool.

The hand tool consolidates an axe and an adze in one head, similar to that of the cutter hatchet. This axe made with a rigid long handle of wood, plastic, or fibreglass. Pulaski is a versatile tool because it can be used to dig soil and chop wood for constructing firebreaks. You can use the Pulaski hand tool in construction, gardening, and other outdoor work.

You can also use the axe as a gardening or excavation tool. Besides this, it also is effective for digging holes in root-bound or hard soil. The word Pulaski came from the name after Ed Pulaski, who is an assistant ranger with the United States Forest Service, in 1911.

The Pulaski hand tool was first introduced by the Collins Tool Company in 1876. Ed Pulaski became famous after saving the lives of a crew of 45 firefighters in August 1910 wildfires in Idaho during the disastrous. The tool he invented during save the firefighters bears his name as he saw the need for better firefighting tools.

Material of head

The main part of the Pulaski axe is head because the head has the cutting edge on one or both sides. So the material of the head must be high quality. Otherwise, the cutting edge may break or easily rust. That easily reduces the long-lasting quality of your pulaski axe. The different brand has a different model they made their axe handle from a different material.

Most of them made with Steel, carbon steel, iron, etc. Among these materials, the carbon steel head is the best of all. Because it is anti-rust and enough durable for your cutting job or any wildland firefighting. So, if you want to buy a Pulaski axe first you need to know which material used in the head of the axe then you need to know the other information of this pulaski axe.

Sharp blades

The cutting performance of the Pulaski axe depends on the sharpness of the cutting edge. If the sharpness of the cutting edge is very high that means you can easily cut your wooden object. On the other hand, if your axe head is blunt that means the performance of your axe is not so good. With the sharpened cutting edge you need to less force in your cutting performance. So, you need to see the sharpness of the Pulaski axe which you want to buy.

Handle material

Another vital consideration you need to make the best selection of your Pulaski axe is the material of the handle. Without the proper handle, you can not perform your cutting job. There is so many axe handle available in the market like some of them made from wood, some of them made from fibreglass, and some of them made from plastic or metal.

Among all of them, the wooden handle is best because a wooden handle is durable, long-lasting and If you need you can easily exchange or fix by yourself. The fibreglass handle is not bad for the Pulaski axe. a fibreglass pulaski axe handle is stylish more comfortable and enough durable.

If you use the wooden or bamboo handle in your Pulaski axe it may be broken during your working time. In this case, you can use the fibreglass handle in your axe because there is no possibility to broke the fibreglass handle.

Make sure you read the instructions of the manufacturer always before paying for your Pulaski axe as some of them suitable for household and wildland firefighting.

Length of handle

After checking these above characteristics you need to check the length of the axe handle. There are different size axe handle available in the market like 21-inch, 30-inch, 32-inch. You need to select the best length according to your needs and your hand length.

If your height is about 6-feet you need to the large handle like 32-inch on the other hand if you are short in height you need the short handle like 21-inch. So, the length of your Pulaski axe handle totally depends on your demand.

Size of the blade

The cutting performance of your Pulaski axe also depends on the size of the cutting edge. Different models axe has different size of cutting edge. Some have the cutting edge 4-1/2 In where some have 3-1/2 In it based on your need.


Weight is the most important feature of the best Pulaski axe. A lightweight axe is good for use but not for cutting jobs. On the other hand, the heavy axe is good for the cutting job but not easy in use. You need more force to put it up and down. So You need to choose an axe with a balance weight which is suitable for you.

Make sure you read the instructions of the manufacturer always before paying for your axe as some of them aren’t suitable for both split and pulaski usage.


In the case of buying a product, the budget plays a very important role. Because you know that a good quality product is a little bit costly. This statement is not true for all products.

If you don't have any budget problem you can try the first or second one. On the other hand, if you have a budget problem you may try the last one of our list.


The warranty becomes useful whenever your axe broke or lose its sharpness. If a unit of axe comes with a warranty, the company may fix or replace the worst one depending on the terms of the warranty and the company’s policies.

If you buy an axe which doesn't have any warranty you need to fix it by yourself or at your cost, that means you have to spend some additional money. That's why you need to ensure the warranty period is very long don’t just buy a product with a warranty for a short time. For your mental satisfaction, it is a must for a product to have a warranty. If a product has a warranty you can use the product without any hesitation.

Extra features

Fundamentally, before buying or investing a product, you have to consider the specifications which are suitable for you. Some time your chosen product doesn't match with your budget. However, When you make the final decision to buy a product on Amazon you must read the customer review for this product on Amazon.

Besides these above features, you can buy the product which has a leather cover with it. The leather cover makes the axe safe for your children and pet and it protects your axe from rusting.

Using tips

You can use the Pulaski axe in various purposes that's why it is known as a versatile axe.


This axe itself is considered as a crucial and most useful tool during firefighting. You can also use it cast-off for both chopping axe and mattock.

Soil digging

Besides cutting the wooden object you can dig soil by this amazing axe. You can make an only a small hole for tree plantation or set up a small pole by this axe.

Trail construction

Pulaski ax is a widespread trail tool, this amazing tool you just need to construct your small fence garage and other similar things. It is certainly accessible, carryable and known as variable single-purpose that is used to you.

Gardening, chop down trees and cuts trees root

In your gardening, it can play a vital role by performing many small tasks. You can chop the tree branch or small trees by this axe. You can also dig the soil and cut the root of the trees by this pulaski hand tool. If you want to get more information to know the proper use of your Pulaski axe you must watch the full video here.


How can I clean up my Pulaski Axe?
By wiping out the thin coating of dust, regularly apply protective oil after every use. And You can also use the leather cover to keep it clean regularly.
Can I sharpened the cutting edges of Pulaski Axes?
Sure, the cutting edges can be sharpened when you needed.
How to grip my Pulaski axe?
By holding the handle tightly close to the head and point the end far from your body and stay down while using.

Safety Tips

  • While working You need to wear security goggles for safeguard dirt
  •  Certainly not sharpen the uppermost of the hoe

Our Verdict

Despite not being the most durable axe on this list, the Seymour AX-P3 3-1/2-Pound Pulaski Axe manages to pack exceptional features, which is definitely why we picked it as our best choice. With two edges of the heads, you perform your cutting job properly.

For the additional feature of this axe, our research team picks it as the editor's choice. At second place is the Barebones Living - Pulaski Axe, which with its 1055 High Carbon Steel Split Blade. Hence it has a Split blade so you can use it as a split axe and you also can use it as a Pulaski tool.

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